The Rottweiler Character.

Adapted from an article which appeared in "Revue Chiens" 27.11.78.

The Rottweiler is an ancient breed of dog, the show ring has not spoilt him yet. He is "a dog which has come through time intact". He is a force of nature, a dog which civilisation has not yet spoilt. The rottweiler does not have natural submissiveness of the G.S.D He is dependant. He reacts like all herding breeds. That is to say that if he does not want to do something, he will not do it. He has the ability to work out for himself what he ought not to do. Naturally, he tends to judge each situation on its own. He is a placid dog who waits to see what happens next. On the other hand, in  defence of his master, his reactions are immediate, because he is loyal. The balanced nature of the Rott makes it a dog which is almost as useful in everyday life as in competition. He is a natural guard, Even without training he will guard.

An impressive dog, he is austere, determined, tenacious, none of this prevents him from being "soft" within his own family. Without doubt the male is more independent, the female more emotional, but both affectionate. Very attached to the master because that's his nature, a born protector.

In modern life the Rottweiler has another quality which is not common among our canine friends - he does not bark - or very little. Only when a situation is dangerous. Birds, butterflies or passers-by will not upset him. In your absence from home he will not annoy your neighbours with non-stop barking, and when you are there, he will never disturb you unnecessarily.

Do's and Dont's.

Do give your puppy a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Most breeders issue an excellent diet sheet but, if in doubt about the one you have been given - ask! If for some reason you find it necessary to make a change then do it gradually, as an immediate change could do more harm than good.

Do take your puppy to the vet at the first sign of ill-health. You may be doing so unnecessarily, but it is always wise to be safe than sorry and should something be amiss, then most illnesses are quickly overcome with prompt treatment.

Do have a quiet place in your home which the puppy will quickly identify as his own. A place where he can retire and sleep undisturbed. Many pet owners are shocked by the suggestion of an indoor kennel or alternative facility but Rottweilers, much as they may like human company, also enjoy and need a period of total relaxation and in the home this may frequently be disturbed by the children, TV, and other domestic appliances. Apart from which, at some time it will be necessary to leave him on his own, and if already accustomed to spending a period of the day away from you, he will make no fuss or objection when these occasion arise. The dog that refuses to be left alone can be a nightmare!

Do remember the Rottweiler is first and foremost a working dog, so even you bought your puppy to show or simply as a family companion, do take him to obedience class and give him the opportunity to develop his natural instincts and put his high level of intelligence to the test. The mental stimulation and socialisation gained here are as important to him as good food and love and it is firm belief most ill-mannered, out-of-control Rottweilers are bored Rottweilers, likewise unprovoked aggression the result of a frustrated mind.

Do make sure from the moment the puppy enters his new home that when you say "NO", he understands that is exactly what you mean...."NO". Discipline is a must, but should be administered fairly at all times. The Rottweiler will take his punishment like a man for things he "KNOWS" he has done wrong, but beware if you harshness is merely taking a "bad day" out on him.

Do socialise your puppy at every available opportunity once inoculations are complete. Ideal places for doing so are the local pub, market place, and children's play area's where he must be kept on a leash of course, but where strangers can be encouraged to pat and make friends with him particularly children if there are no children in the family. A dislike of children is alien to the true Rottweiler character and when present is usually due to the owners influence. Typical of his breed and, however good with you and your family, you should not allow yourself to believe "he wouldn't hurt a fly" The problem may be a number of things, man made or otherwise, but this dog, if put to the test, would doubtless be more concerned about protecting himself than you.

Don't buy a Rottweiler if you expect a dog to lay quiet whilst children pull his ears and poke his eyes. 

"Don't buy a dog of any kind".

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Mr. David and Mrs. Eleanor Hislop, The Cottage, Little Freuchie Farm, Freuchie, Fife

And proud owners of Artig Rottweilers. 

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