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Through the Rottweiler 'grapevine' we have been informed that a MR. RUSSELL MAIR, BALLINGRY, FIFE, SCOTLAND is breeding and selling Rottweiler pups/dogs registered with the Dog Lover Registration Club UK Ltd., using fraudulent pedigree and registration certificates which states.  Sire:  ZORGS THE WRANGLER (DLRC Reg. No. 29374) - Dam:  ARTIG HOT CARGO (DLRC Reg. No. 29375) having registered these two dogs as his own.
ZORGS THE WRANGLER was bred and owned by the Zorgs Kennels his entire life until his death in August 2001.
ARTIG HOT CARGO was bred by ourselves and also owned by Zorgs until her death in 2004, she was spayed in January 2002.
Both these dogs were Kennel Club registered and never registered with the DLRC UK Ltd. by their owners.
Only two litters were bred from the above dogs, one in 1999 and another in 2000.  It appears that these two dogs owned by Zorgs Rottweilers are producing litters from their graves for the benefit of this R. MAIR who is using their pedigrees fraudulently.
All Zorgs dogs are DNA profiled which means any pups from their stock can be positively identified.  DNA profiling can also identify the parentage of every individual pup in a mixed litter i.e. two different dogs mating the same bitch.
Anyone purchasing dogs from this 'breeder' MR.  R.  MAIR should be aware that they can prosecute him under the Trading Standards Act 2002, The Sale of Goods Act 1979 and because of deception under the Trade Description Act.

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