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Artig our name, Our History.

Davie and I bought our first rottweiler in October 1985, from a Mr.& Mrs. Tony Rankin, Who at the time had the Anmara affix. Our first was a bitch and we named her ( Axa ). We had done a lot of research prior to getting Axa, ( Named her after a comic strip, Wonder woman ) And prior to buying her we went to visit a miss Gladys Ogilvie shepherd (gbos) who then gave us Tonyís phone number after that our fate was sealed.

 We were so pleased with Axa that 1 year later we went back to Tonyís and bought a dog pup ( Rio ) who was a repeat mating, Maybe a mistake looking back but we werenít all that interested in breeding so never gave it another thought. Axa was shown but really excelled in agility and tracking. Although we never done it to competition standards she did set tests, as did Rio.

These were set by Graham Mabutt and we have there certificates that they gained, Axa loved it, Rio did it, but I didnít think he really enjoyed it. At the time Gladys had her own field where every Sunday we would go along for training. Basic obedience and agility, They / We loved it. Axa was a small bitch and would fly round the course with us trailing at the back of her, Rio, again did it but that was it. 

When Axa was 4yrs old we mated her to CH Upend Gallant, ynys of Amatol she had five pups, 3 males and 2 bitches with the result we kept a dog pup (Artig brute force, Gaz  ). He was to do quite well in the show ring but no big honors. This litter of pups tails were docked at our vets and unfortunately they were a bit to long and this kind of spoilt it for him. After a very good win from a well known and respected rottweiler judge she was to mention in her critiques, "That his terrier set tail spoilt the out line". Never mind, he was and still is a very good dog and well loved by all who know him, he is now at the time of writing this not far of his 14th birthday,

2 years later we then bred Axa to a Joan Adams dog ( Akenfield Tyyrhenian cuckoo ) which also resulted in 5 pups. We kept a bitch, (Lucy). Lucy also dabbled in obedience and agility, and she was shown only lightly, Winning a best puppy in show.

Lucy grew on to be quite a big bitch by the standard of the day, A lovely girl who never gave us a moments trouble, Unfortunately and very sadly, Lucy died very suddenly recently on what would have been her 11th birthday 4th July 2002..

Lucy, was mated to Lalune Red October twice, In the first litter of 5 we kept a dog and bitch, ( October man,  Liam ) and ( Prize possession,  Isla ) both have done very well at show, With Isla doing the best with 1cc 1res cc.

The 2nd litter of 10 ( just about had heart failure ) We kept another bitch,  ( Olympic Dream, Amber ). All were named Olympic something or other as they were born at the time the Olympics and we saw this as a fitting reminder. Amber has also been shown gaining her stud book number. 

This really about brings us up to date. Isla was mated to Poinciana Atlas, and had 2 pups. She was next mated to Poirot Oasis and had 5 pups of which we kept a male, ( Power of possession, Kyle ) who to date has been doing not to badly at shows, Considering at this time is only coming up for 14 months. Kyle has as usual an excellent temperament, waiting in the wings is Armagret Wonna Cha Cha, Looby  a bitch pup out of our own Liam and Islantic Ocean potion at Armagret. At the minute its early days but fingers crossed, she is really out going and running us ragged so the future could well be bright. 

In closing, Davie and I would like to state we do not breed a lot, But when we do we take great care to make sure that our pups are placed in loving homes. 

Over the years I would like to think that we can safely say that all who have bought our pups have been very pleased and at the same time also become very good friends, and that no matter what we are only a phone call away

End Note,

Dave & Eleanor both judge at open show level, With Davie being the more involved. Davie is the vice president of the Kirkcaldy and district canine club he is also on the B lists of all breed clubs with the exception of  B.R.A of which he is on the C list. Both Davie & Eleanor have been to Germany on a couple of occasions to see their way of showing etc, And hope to go back again in the near future. The German experience is one Davie & Eleanor have enjoyed, Saying it seems to be the trend these days to hop over the water for an enjoyable learning experience.    

To be Continued......                                                       

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